U BASE Group

With the Largest Single-Scale Infrastructure and Employment in Korea,
U BASE maintains the Highest Credit Ratings with a robust financial structure
through Continuous Revenue Growth

  • U BASE Group


  • U BASE Group

    U$ 435 mil

  • Single Largest
    Infra in Korea

    9,000 seats

  • Tangible Assets


  • Credit Ratings



    U BASE ASIA established in Malaysia
    since 2017 as a strategic delivery hub for
    multilingual support who is certified
    with MSC/MD status.
    Good News for our customers and society
    by hiring Good People who make a Good
    Company where provides the Good Service
    based on our customer centric philosophy.

  • Why Malaysia

    Malaysia is well-known for multi-lingual
    capabilities, making it an ideal destination
    for contact centre that requires communi
    -cation in multiple languages.
    With a stable economy and supportive
    government, Malaysia has a deep domain
    expertise in various industries, including
    Healthcare, Telecommunications, Banking
    & Financial Services, Technologies, making
    it a hub for companies seeking specialized
    contact centre.

Facility Overview

  • U BASE ASIA Workplace

    Be part of something
    bigger than just a job

    We strive to provide a comfortable
    and enjoyable space as a part of
    lifestyle, beyond providing a simple
    working environment for employees.
    As diverse members gather to form a
    society called U BASE ASIA.

  • U BASE ASIA Culture

    We know that happier,
    more satisfied employees
    perform better

    U BASE ASIA provides an envisronment
    in which employees can create U BASE’s
    culture on their own, and operates
    various programs and recreational
    facilities to maximize employee happiness.

U BASE ASIA Services

One-Stop Centre to build your multi-lingual Centre of Excellence.

  • Customer Care

    • · Customer Contact Management
    • · Technical Support
    • · Complaint Management
  • Customer Acquisition

    • · Telemarketing
    • · Lead Generation
    • · Inbound Sales
    • · Order Verification
  • Retention Management

    • · New Customers Welcome Call
    • · Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • · Consumer Relations
    • · Loyalty Programs
  • Collections

    • · Reminder Calls
  • Data Management

    • · Analytics
    • · Data entry
  • Order Processing

    • · Order Processing
    • · Order Status
    • · Billing, Delivery Enquiries
    • · Account Management

Languages we can support


English, German, Spanish, Turkish, French,
Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech,
Danish, Dutch, Russian, Italian


Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese,
Thai, Vietnamese, Bahasa Malaysia, Taiwan-
ese, Tagalog, Hindi, Tamil, Burmese, Bahasa
Indonesia, Cambodian, Khmer, Mongolian


Bantu Swahili, Arabic, Afrikaans, Setswana,
Persian, Shona


We will win by exceeding our customers’ and each other’s expectations everyday

  • Visibility

    We act as team for robust and effective solutions.
    Straight talking with clients for improved

  • Velocity

    Ready for change and take advantage of new
    opportunities. Faster turn around time in resolution
    on customer queries. Strive for first call resolutions
    on every call.

  • Value

    To our staff, customers and stake holders is
    considered and upheld in all we do

  • Exceptional Customer
  • Manage Call Containment
    With First Call Resolution
  • Reduction of Customer
  • Efficient Reporting
    & Analytics

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